What is Epilepsy? Effective Treatment Options for Epilepsy

People all around the world suffer a lot from neurological conditions. Epilepsy and seizures are some of the most common neurological problems that people face all over the world. Even though it’s a common condition, it’s very serious, and everyone should get immediate medical attention. If you or someone you know is suffering from Epilepsy, you should immediately seek medical attention from the experts. In this post, we share all the information about the Epilepsy disorder and the available treatment options for the same. 

What is Epilepsy? Effective Treatment Options for Epilepsy


What is Epilepsy? 

Epilepsy is nothing but the neurological disorder in which the patient suffers from the unprovoked, uncontrollable seizures. The patient having no medical history even suffers from Epilepsy. When there is an electrical disturbance in the brain, the epileptic seizures occur. Epilepsy is a bit different from the Seizures, as the seizures can be caused due to high fever, alcohol withdrawal, and also low blood sugar. But the Epileptic seizures are neurological conditions and do not involve other minor health complications. 

Diagnosis of the Epilepsy 

There are multiple ways to determine if the patient is suffering from Epilepsy or any other condition that causes seizures. Doctors use almost all of the methods to identify the Epilepsy in the patients. Here are a few common ways doctors prefer for diagnosis of Epilepsy. 

#1 – EEG – The Electroencephalogram is the electrical activity chart of the brain. Just like the Electrocardiogram for heart, Electroencephalogram is for the brain electrical activity. With the simple EEG chart of the patient, doctors can understand if the patient is suffering from Epilepsy or not. 

#2 – Blood Test  – The Complete blood count test is conducted to identify the patient’s underlying conditions. If the patient is suffering from other conditions, then the same condition might trigger the seizures. That’s why a Blood test is essential for identifying the underlying diseases. 

#3 – Spinal Tap  – The spinal fluid test is conducted to check if the patient is suffering from any spinal infection. Most of the time, any infection can trigger an uncontrollable seizure, which results in the death of the patient. 

Treatment Options for Epilepsy patients 

There are multiple treatment options available for epilepsy patients. Depending on the severity of the disease, the doctors prefer using the Medication or the surgical options. Most of the time, Medication is effective in treating patients. Unfortunately, Epilepsy is not a curable disease. Medical science can only prevent further seizures and reduces the chance of the same. 

#1 – Medications 

For patients with mild Epilepsy, the doctors usually prescribe medicines. There are nearly 20 to 25 effective tablets available for treating epileptic seizures. For patients who cannot orally intake the medications, there is the option of intravenous solutions available.

#2 – Surgery 

Surgery is an advanced way of treating Epilepsy. If the tumor or the source of the electrical disturbance is identified, which causes the seizures, then the doctors determine that surgical intervention is necessary for preventing epileptic seizures. Most of the time, the tumor is the one that causes seizures. Removing the tumor using the surgical procedure has proven to be a working solution. There are multiple surgical procedures for patients with different issues. 

Effective Treatment of Epilepsy in Tampa Bay 

Receiving the right treatment at the right time is essential to prevent further seizures caused by Epilepsy. With all of the medical intervention methods available at the Tampa Bay Neurology and Sleep Medicine center, you can get effective treatment. The expert Neurologists in Tampa Bay, Florida, are ready to treat your epileptic seizures and help you live with the same condition. 

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