Seizures – Causes, Symptoms and Available Treatment Options

The sudden uncontrolled electrical activity in the brain is known as the Seizures. The seizures are very common amongst the children, and even the adults can get them frequently. Seizures are very common as they are nothing but the minor electrical disturbances. The disturbances in the electrical signaling of the brain can cause a sudden loss of consciousness, speech impairment, irregular movements, and the sudden change in the mood.

Seizures – Causes, Symptoms and Available Treatment Options

It’s a serious issue in children, as they tend to have too many seizures in their childhood. If the issue is not treated in an appropriate time frame, then it might cause health complications in the long run. Usually, the seizures are continuous and can last from a few seconds to a few minutes. In the emergency situation, the seizures can last for a few hours, causing catastrophic damage to the brain and, ultimately, the demise of the patient. 

Fortunately, medical science has the answer for treating seizures. It is important to understand the underlying cause to offer the right treatment path. Most of the people receive the medication to treat the seizures. On the other hand, some people require surgical intervention to treat the underlying cause like tumors to treat the seizures. All in all, it’s a curable disorder, according to medical science.

What are the Causes of Seizures? 

When the nerve cells of the brain send uncontrolled electrical signals, we get seizures. Most of the seizures are continuous and may last a few minutes. There are many underlying causes of Seizures that we have to understand. Here are a few common causes of seizures that you should know. 

  1. High Fever in Children – The high fever in the children for a long time may trigger a seizure. The seizures in such cases are short and do not occur multiple times. 
  2. Hyponatremia  – The low sodium present in the blood is one of the major causes of seizures. The sodium is the electrolyte that carries the electrical signals. Any lack of sodium causes seizures in patients.
  3. Lack of Sleep – This is a rare cause of the seizures. But most of the patients that are suffering from immense pain had a lack of sleep as the cause of seizures. 
  4. Head Trauma  – Any head trauma can trigger a seizure. If there is a hemorrhage in the brain, then it will automatically trigger the seizures. Most of such seizures are fatal.
  5. Brain Tumor  – The tumor in the brain may trigger seizures. Not all tumors are dangerous, but most of them trigger seizures once in a while. 
  6. Illegal Drug consumption  – The recreational drugs are prohibited as they interfere with the electrical signaling of the brain nerve cells. The overdose of illegal drugs will cause seizures. 

What are the Primary Symptoms of the Seizures?

The primary symptoms indicate the seizures. The seizures may trigger a few minutes after you start noticing the symptoms. Here are a few common seizure symptoms that you should not ignore at all. You should immediately consult the doctor if you observe these symptoms. 

  1. Temporary confusions  – The Temporary confusions in performing or understanding simple tasks is the primary symptom of seizures. When you experience the same, you might get a seizure in a few minutes. 
  2. Uncontrollable Movements of the Legs and Arms  – When you are not in charge of controlling your arms, you might get a seizure or a stroke. Temporarily losing control of arms and legs is the primary symptom of seizures. 
  3. Cognitive Emotional Anxiety  – When you experience sudden anxiety or an uncontrolled emotional outbreak, you might watch out for the coming seizures. This symptom is usually observed in the children as they might break down before getting a seizure. 
  4. Unconsciousness  – When someone gets suddenly unconscious due to any reason, there is a slight chance of getting the seizures. Usually, people get unconscious after getting seizures. But the vice versa case is also a common symptom. 

Final Words 

Even though the seizures are pretty common in modern days, you should take proper care. The disorder is not totally curable but has the medical approach for getting rid of the same to some extent. The professional neurologists and the Tampa Bay Neurological research center work all day around to treat the seizures patients. You should immediately call for medical assistance when you or someone you know is getting the seizures. Although the seizures may stop in a few minutes, you can prevent any internal damage and save the patient’s life with immediate action. 

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