Insomnia Treatment | Insomnia Specialist in Tampa Bay, Florida

Insomnia is a pervasive sleep-related disorder in the present times. We at Tampa Bay Neurology and Sleep medicine have over 25 years of experience in sleep medicine and insomnia treatments. We have offered more than 25000 consultations directed towards diagnosing and recommending an appropriate testing and remedy plan. Our vibrant and updated testing techniques are suited for all adolescents and adults facing problems. We have a history of delivering high-quality care to our patients. To get an appointment, one needs to call at our office number or take an appointment online. To trace the source of sleep trouble, we perform advanced tests and build patient trust in us.

Insomnia Treatment | Insomnia Specialist in Tampa Bay, Florida


Sleep Medicine and Effective Treatment Plan

Past studies have reiterated the importance of getting sound sleep for optimal body functioning, which is significantly true. Adults should get a minimum of 7 hours of quality sleep every night to promote good health. We have repeatedly made our patients aware of how skipping sleep has led to the rise of high blood pressure, obesity, stroke, depression, weak immune system, and heart troubles. Raising awareness has always been of paramount importance among Tampa Bay doctors and specialists. We have a fully equipped mechanism from inception till the end to manage sleep disorders effectively. We have suitable conditions to promote effective treatment. Finding a doctor and conducting research for the future is made seamless and progressive at Tampa Bay.

We specialize in treating Insomnia, circadian, restless leg syndrome, central sleep apnea, sleep apnea, excessive daytime drowsiness, and narcolepsy. We use a set of carefully designed and implemented tests to study sleep patterns. Insomnia can be effectively treated using sleep services we offer at Tampa Bay. MWT, Home sleep testing, Polysomnogram, Split night, sleep profiler for Insomnia, MSLT, BiPAP and CPAP titration are a few sleep services we offer. Physicians have also recommended Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy for treating Insomnia.

Support and Assistance Program

Our practice and services feature timely and flexible care around the clock with a wholly equipped sleep lab for conducting tests. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recognizes Tampa Bay’s sleep lab, and it comfortably monitors sleep and breathing pace. The success of research and studies is essential for diagnosing sleep-related syndromes. Tampa Bay’s doctors and consultants believe in educating the patients about the cause and treatment plan before starting with the treatment. Patients who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea are given a portable monitor device, which can be taken home. It records information and reviews for examination by the doctor on a later date. We cater to children as well as adults above the age of 11 years.

Well-guided and planned treatment, available 24×7 for all Tampa Bay’s patients

Scheduling an appointment with the Sleep medicine department is quick and straightforward. You can connect with our trained specialists over a telephonic call or even take an appointment online. The sleep studies conducted at Tampa bay include Multiple Sleep Latency Test, Maintenance of Wakefulness Test, Polysomnography with CPAP Titration, and Split Night Treatment. Only well-trained practitioners can study and evaluate the sleep patterns demonstrated by the patients. We also guide our patients about the possible causes of sleep troubles and methods of sleeping better. On successful incorporation of the same faster and long-lasting positive outcomes can be witnessed.

Curing Insomnia in Patients

Insomnia can leave you feeling lonely, and we at Tampa Bay are there for you in your journey. Early diagnosis and prevention are always better. We recommend some self-care tips such as improving bedtime habits and going for behavior therapy. Sleeping pills should not be taken without an expert’s approval and only in the dosage specified. Our teams of experts also suggest neutralizing emotions like anxiety, stress, and fear. We are there to keep our patients from catching the chronic symptoms by dedicating around-the-clock assistance. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Insomnia and Sleeplessness

Q1.What generally leads to Insomnia?

Medical factors that cause sleep troubles are heartburn, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. Other common contributing factors are anxiety and depression. Among men and women, different factors cause sleep difficulties. In women, hot flashes and hormonal imbalance are some factors. In men, common cases are frequent urination and enlarged prostate. It is vital to examine the underlying medical conditions that led to chronic sleep troubles. We have associated mood swings, anxiety, and irritability as common after-effects of Insomnia. The behavioral and medical treatments we offer aim to minimize this impact.

Q2.What are the testing facilities and technology you use at Tampa Bay to treat Insomnia?

Tampa Bay’s Sleep Medicine section and lab facility are sound to conduct advanced tests and research. Our practitioners have significant years of experience in consultations. We have a holistic approach to treating disorders related to nerves and sleep.

Q4.What steps are taken at Tampa Bay for formulating a helpful Insomnia Lifestyle Management?

Tampa Bay, Florida, has established a fully effective plan for Insomnia Lifestyle management. One should restrain from taking frequent naps and engaging in activities that distract sleep from coming. Before going to bed, we suggest our patients practice a few minutes of mindfulness meditation to calm themselves. Creating a sleep-inducing environment has been proven to promote good sleep.

Q5.Why can you completely trust Tampa Bay Neurology & Sleep Medicine for the treatment of Insomnia?

Tampa Bay’s team of specialists regularly shares their insights on medical conditions, which can hamper your sleep. We treat thousands of patients each year who complain of Insomnia. We have formulated a sleep-related questionnaire for common diagnosis. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine accredits our treatments and consultations.

Insomnia Consultation and Treatment at Tampa Bay Neurology and Sleep Medicine Center

Insomnia is a deadly condition if not treated in time. the human body needs the rest and sleep is the only way for the same. At NeuroSleepTampa’s Neurological health center, we take care of all of the patients. With care and the proper treatment, everyone gets rid of Insomnia and sleeplessness. If your life quality is degraded due to Insomnia, make sure to visit Tampa Bay’s Sleep Medicine Center.