How to Become a Certified Neurologist in the United States of America? 

We’ve heard the term neurologist and might have consulted one in real life. Among all types of doctors, a Neurologist is a person with certification and expertise in dealing with the neurological disorder. Any doctor cannot become a Neurologist but have to undergo education and training for the same. 

But do you know how tough it is to become a Neurologist in the USA? How do you become a qualified Neurologist for treating the patients? Well, it’s quite interesting to see the journey of the Neurologist. In this post, we will share the information on how anyone can become a neurologist in the USA. 

How to Become a Certified Neurologist in the United States of America?


What are the Educational Qualifications to Become a Neurologist? 

Being a neurologist is a tough path. The students have to complete primary and secondary education to start the journey to become a Neurologist. Here is the learning path for the students to become a certified independent neurologist. 

  • Four Years of Medical College/University Degree is the first step in becoming the Neurologist. The Degree of MBBS is essential to start the journey in the medical field.
  • After the Four years of Degree, the student has to obtain an M.D. Degree. This is another four-year educational journey. In the first two years, the student learns about Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology. In the last two years, the student gets practical training. Lastly, in the practical training, the student learns the specialization surgery techniques and patient contact training. The student has to accumulate 5,000 patient contact hours for completing the M.D. Degree.
  • After getting the M.D. Degree in hand, the student has to complete the United States Medical Licensing Exam. It’s an all-day 8-hour long examination. In this examination, the student has to attend several mock patients and complete the same. After that, he/she gets the license to practice medicine.
  • Once passing the examination, the student has to undergo the one-year of supervised internship. The internship is paid and can be done under any certified neurologist. In the internship period, the student learns a lot of hospital operations. In the internship period, he/she has to obtain 4,000 patient contact hours. 
  • After the internship, the student will become the Neurologist. He has to join any hospital and provide residential Neurology training for three years. In the Residential Neurology training, the newbie neurologist will start practicing under expert supervision. In the three years, the trainee neurologist will earn 11,000 patient contact hours. 
  • Now is the time for the final battle, i.e., an 8-hour examination from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Passing this exam will help the Neurologist get the “Board Certification.” After receiving the certificate, the Neurologist can start an individual practice or provide consultations. 

Are Chiropractors Different from Neurologists? 

There are millions of people who consider Chiropractors are the Neurologist. But they are not. The Chiropractors are roughly considered as the “Non-functional Neurologist.” The Chiropractors have a partial interest in Neurology but incline to the side of Physiotherapy. To become a Chiropractor, one has to pass through the four years of education at Chiropractor Institute. They may deal with Neurological Issues to some extent but are not the Neurologists, as we’ve explained above. 

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