Epilepsy Treatment | Seizures Treatment in Tampa Bay, Florida

The expert staff and skilled doctors at Tampa Bay Neurology and Sleep Medicine in Florida have a well-laid treatment for Epilepsy. We at Tampa Bay treat the epilepsy condition with utmost care. Our doctors are board-certified and practically trained in this field. We assist children as well as adults who are above the age of 9 years. Neurologists carefully conduct the diagnosis and establish a treatment for the epilepsy disorder. Epilepsy causes a rapid increase in the abnormal nerve signals in the brain. It affects the brain, spinal cord, muscles, and nerves. So, early intervention of the experts can help in managing the problem at the early stages itself.

Epilepsy Treatment | Seizures Treatment in Tampa Bay, Florida


Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Our comprehensive treatment plans include medications, surgical procedures, dietary changes, and efforts to reduce seizures. Our trained pools of practitioners are open to all patient queries related to neurology and sleep medicine. We provide a hassle-free platform of taking appointments over call and online. We educate our patients about the cause of the disorder. Epilepsy often runs in the family and is viewed as a genetic disorder.

Awareness about Epilepsy and Seizures

Epilepsy and epileptic syndromes are clinical phenomena, which can be sub-divided into symptomatic and idiopathic disorders. We provide specialized and advanced testing for Epilepsy. Routine EEG, Ambulatory EEG, and LTM are some of them. Our doctors also recommend performing diagnostic tests for Epilepsy. It includes MRI, Ambulatory EEG, Electroencephalography, Electromyography, and Laboratory testing. Consultation with a practicing doctor helps in getting answers to the most suitable course of action that should be adopted. The correct combination of medications, non-drug treatments, and complementary medicine helps in managing Epilepsy. We at Tampa Bay have successfully treated past patients with our superior knowledge and technology.

It is essential to back it up with well-evaluated tests and accurate research to diagnose complex partial Epilepsy, generalized Epilepsy, and other Epilepsy. Tampa Bay Neurology and Sleep Medicine offer such services with high precision. Long-Term Monitoring is an option available at Tampa Bay. This test aims to ascertain if a patient is a prospective candidate for surgery. So, the surgical options available at our epilepsy center include several focal surgeries and vagal nerve stimulator implant.

Early Diagnosis with Medical Intervention

Tests and diagnosis are also directed towards studying the health of the muscles and nerve cells. Measuring the pace of electrical activity helps in the successful detection of the presence, extent, and location of the muscle disorder. After careful examination, we can label it as a herniated disc, muscular dystrophy, peripheral neuropathy, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. We are skilled at performing the necessary treatment for the mentioned disorders. Brain activity and seizure activity is monitored while you are awake and asleep both. Patients have built their trust in our pool of specialists, and we have a history of over 25000 consultations.

Meeting Patient’s Needs and Requirements

The Tampa Bay center in Florida has a certified and accredited neurological lab. We can successfully answer all questions asked by our patients related to sleep medicine, neurology, and other medical services. Securing an appointment is a smooth and fast response from our team. So, we give high priority to patient needs and interests. Tampa Bay doctors take great pride in welcoming questions. We promote sound awareness about neurology and epilepsy. Our customer support delivers fast, timely, and in-depth research reports.

Medical Advice for Epilepsy Treatment and Life Management

We at Tampa Bay are crystal clear in sharing facts and opinions on various neurology and sleep medicine related disorders. Epilepsy can affect many stages of life. There is no complete treatment for Epilepsy. But early diagnosis and intervention can play a vital role. Controlling seizures is possible by taking precautions and following an expert’s advice. Right assistance at the right time can lead to a drastic improvement in people’s quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions for Epilepsy  Treatment 

Q1.How does someone get Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is not a contagious disorder. It is important to note that factors like genetics do have a part to play. Secondary Epilepsy emerges from strokes, brain injuries, infections, and genetic syndromes. It is essential to confirm the same with a doctor after thorough testing.

Q2.What is the difference between Epilepsy and seizure?

Epilepsy and seizures are closely related. A seizure is a disruption in normal brain functioning. Epilepsy, however, is a brain-related disorder with increased susceptibility to seizure. We at Tampa Bay are raising awareness to clarify the differences between the same. With expert knowledge and the utmost care, we treat Epilepsy affected patients.

Q3.What are the Available Facilities and Technologies?

We at Tampa Bay use the most promising technology, tests, and research centers. Our trained pool of doctors can conduct specialized treatment for both adults and children alike. Our modern and trending technology infrastructure supports high quality and result-driven consultations.

Q4.How to React When Someone’s Getting a Seizure?

It is essential to stay calm and thoughtful until the time they are completely aware. The person around should note the time the seizure began and how long it lasted. Dialing 911 at the earliest is the most suitable course of action to adopt. In the case of a child seizure, you should inform the parents and guardians.

Epilepsy Consultation and Treatment at Tampa Bay Neurology and Sleep Medicine Center

We at Tampa bay recommend dietary changes, taking vitamin supplements, self-control methods, and acupuncture treatments. For children, we recommend the Ketogenic diet, which is high in fats and low in carbohydrates. Acupuncture changes brain activity to minimize the possibility of seizures. Our teams of professional and top-notch neurologists are there for patient assistance at all times. Maintaining a diary to record possible triggering factors that lead to seizure is suggested. We also recommend wearing medical alert bracelets to pose no harm to the patient’s life.